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3 Tips To Check Human Hair Wigs

3 Tips To Check Human Hair Wigs

  • By: Admin
  • Jun 24, 2019
3 Tips To Check Human Hair Wigs

Donning a wig in order to enhance the appearance has been in vogue since time immemorial. However, the world had changed over the years with a number of products now being in the market. A wig created solely out of human hair is highly popular to this day though in site of the synthetic models offered by many manufacturers. Going out with the intent of purchasing genuine human hair ladies wigs is not always easy though. You should remember that the advancement of technology has made it easier for the immoral sellers to flood the market with fake products at present. So, it is certainly advisable to check the wig closely in order to discover whether it contains real human hair or is just a look alike item. 

Now the question arises as to how to do it right? After all, you are just a woman who requires a wig. Sure, you have had a heedful of hair in the past but feeling your own hair does not make you an expert about discerning the fakes from the real. Do not fall for the tricksters versions though and end up splurging on a wig that is a counterfeit. Here are a few tips for you to go through while trying to check the wig that will look completely natural when placed on your head…

  1. Research- Nothing beats a full research. So, be sure to spend some time browsing the Internet and visiting the trusted websites in order to find out what are the products that are in demand. Plus you are likely to obtain a list of items including human hair full lace wigs that will serve your purpose admirably. Read the reviews about each product carefully so that you know how to ask for a particular product while shopping.
  2. Texture- It might help to run your hand up and down the wig before you part with your money. It should feel similar to your own hair with the upward stroke making it feel coarse while it appears to be smooth when you run your hand downward. If the wig that you had in mind meet this criterion then go for it as is likely to be genuine.
  3. Shedding- Original human hair is shed daily with a healthy individual losing about 100 hairs by the day. Combing vigorously is likely to have a few strands come away with the comb as well. Try this test if you are not convinced about the product. Look for the amount of hairs coming loose and you will get a fair idea about its authenticity. Do not be tempted to buy the best looking wig if you find the hair coming off too easily as you run your fingers through it. Remember that fake hair will shed easily wile human hair is pretty resilient. 

Quality comes with a price though. So, you cannot expect a superior cancer patients human hair wig to be cheap. It also makes sense to opt for reputable brands that come with a warranty. You might also try the burn and bleach testing on the newly bought wig to become absolutely sure.

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